Mallorca Coupons

Instantly Reach 180.000+

Mallorca Households

Get your brand in front of 180.000+ Mallorca households and release a FLASH FLOOD of new customers in just days!

Guaranteed INSTANT CUSTOMER visibility.

Advertising opportunities range from € 380 – € 1.100.

Mallorca Coupons

Media Data

Massive A4 Full-Color
Mega Postcard

No Long-Term

No Additional Charges

Free Ad Design

Different Delivery Areas
to Choose from

Special Event Campaigns




Different Delivery

Ø € 0,05

Cost per
Household Reached

What is Mallorca Coupons actually?

Mallorca Coupons

Two to four times a month, we send out physical “old school” coupon cards to up to 180.000 Mallorca households directly in their mailbox.

7 full-color high quality ads on each side are available for advertising opportunities. 

You are free to choose your ad type like discount codes, free supplements, invitations or just a simple promotion.

Choose your preferred ad display size (see example) and select between different delivery areas like Palma surroundings, Calvia surroundings and more.

Pay for just one ad or take advantage of discounted ad packages. NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS!
Mallorca Coupons

Upon receiving your promotional coupon card, your prospective customers will be incentivized to visit your business, potentially leading to increased revenue and customer loyalty.

How does it work?

Mallorca Coupons | Steps

Choose your preferred delivery date and delivery area.

Select your ad type and display size. Send us your ready ad design. If you need assistance with your design let us know.

Mallorca Coupons | Steps
Mallorca Coupons | Steps

We take care of placing your ad on the coupon cards. Once all the ads are placed you will get an email with the confirmation and the final result of the complete coupon card as a digital version. 

We will send out the coupon cards to the delivery area. This takes around 2-3 days until all coupon cards have been delivered.
Mallorca Coupons | Steps
Mallorca Coupons | Steps

Congratulations! You have gained a bunch of new potential customers.

Want to advertise in Mallorca Coupons?

Speak with Mallorca Coupons Sales to get a customized advertising plan and rates.